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Andrew Whitesell.com's History:

This site was originally built as a flash website. Though the site was interactive and had multiple "cool moving parts," there were some draw backs to it. For starters, the site was bulky. Building an entire website in flash requires the user to download said website all at once. So unless a visitor was to view all the content on my website, I was forcing the user to download the site's entire content unnecessarily.

Another downside was that the site was extremely tedious to maintain. Even with my comments, I would often find myself trying to find where I had wrote a function, or where to add another function for a simple operation, such as clicking on a button. For a static site this would not be an issue, but as I was building a portfolio, I needed something that I would be able to come back to and simply click on things to add them.
There had to be a better way.

I was introduced to Drupal in the summer of 2008. I started out by building an outdoors themed website to learn the system. I was so highly impressed by the ease of theming the site that I replaced my old Wordpress blog with a new Drupal version. After finishing my blog, I then set my sites on my portfolio, and the site you see now is the result.

The site's header development
This shows the development of the site's
header, from sketch, to production, to finished product.

Andrew Whitesell.com Gets a Face Lift:

With the new site came a new design. Though there was really nothing wrong with the design of my previous website, I felt as though I could use a little bit more space. I also wanted something that had better spacing and better use of white space-I was looking for balance.

I sat down and started to work on sketches, but nothing seemed to click the way I had hoped. Nothing, that is, until I stumbled across an old chess set. Black versus white. Nothing seemed to visualize balance better than good and evil. I quickly started to sketch ideas and came up with the basic layout for the masthead: good playing evil in a game of chess.

A Look at the Back End:

This site is built on top of the Drupal CMS. Drupal is an open source CMS that is written in PHP that is distributed under the GNU (General Public License). The CMS comes with a basic set of core items, but the functionality can be increased by adding on different third party "modules."

The modules that this site implements are the Content Creation Kit (CCK), ImageCache, Lightbox2, and Views. CCK is used to create customized content fields for user input, ImageCache creates the dynamic thumbnails seen on my site, Lightbox2 creates the integration with the Lighbox2 JavaScript (as seen in art and web previews), and Views is used for database quires.

The theme is built using the basic BluePrint theme, a started theme that was developed to make customizing Drupal themes faster. The theme uses 12 separate template files to render out it's final input.

Hi, I'm Andrew Whitesell and I design things. I first discovered my passion for design and multimedia when I started coming up with ideas for Super Nintendo games back in the early ‘90s. Being interested in both computers and art, I created my first website in 1997. Six years later, I enrolled in the New Media program at RIT where my knowledge and skill base grew.

To find out more about me, feel free to click on any of the social networking sites below, or click here to read my full bio.

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